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In a world full of opportunities, you should also change the way of doing business of your company.

Innovative solutions for those who sell and those who buy.

Comlink solutions provide benefits and agility in all processes in the supply chain.

Service Quotation

Effective contracting service management solution, which provides users with relevant and necessary information for a quick technical-commercial analysis and approval of budgets received by service providers.

Materials Quotation

Quotes are sent to suppliers via the portal. Buyers can indicate, open opportunities for new suppliers, conduct searches by supply line, brands and locations.

Reverse Auction

The reverse auction solution available on the Comlink portal is a real-time online transaction. Buyers can refer suppliers to participate in the auction and set rules to gain agility in processes and terms equal to suppliers.

Trading Module

Aims to make buyers analysis flexible during the negotiation process. This solution brings together the proposals from suppliers and offers a different condition to buyers, in addition to being used as a simulator and allowing different trading scenarios.

Purchase Order

The characteristic of this solution is to follow and bring a formalization of purchases containing the entire business process – unit prices, taxes, payment terms, etc. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the view of the purchase order by vendors and also the protocol of their delivery confirmation.

Commercial Agreements

The solution includes an application to analyze the historical consumption of materials that will be part of a supply contract. Thereafter, Comlink solution streamlines the process of creating a new contract in the ERP, eliminating manual labor for request generation and typing of unit prices and commercial conditions.


This solution allows the management in advance of the purchase orders. The Follow-up user or buyer receives the information from the Service Desk Comlink on the portal for carrier, date of collection, shipping and invoice number, thus allowing the identification of partial deliveries or outside the time limit agreed.


Through a communication between the enterprise system software (ERP) and Comlink, the XML file validation is performed at SEFAZ (State Department of Finance), allowing to operate before the physical arrival of materials, thus ensuring the minimum purchase order discrepancies against the XML.

Writing off Purchase Orders

Through an ERP interface with Comlink's portal, following the entry of invoices upon receipt, the application for purchase of this invoice will download. Thus the buyer will act only in the exception, reducing the lead-time and reducing the research work for certain purchase orders.

Comlink Letter Invitation

The Invitation Letter solution allows the requester/buyer performs all the details of the service or project that will be executed by the supplier in a safe and efficient way.

Comlink Catalog

The tool has an smart search of the catalog of approved suppliers that provide item descriptions and references, access to the image bank and a shopping cart to facilitate and optimize the entire process.

Comlink Mobile

Smartphone application allows managers to evaluate and approve purchase orders wherever they are.

Materials Quotation

Quotations are sent to suppliers via Comlink Portal where buyers can indicate or open opportunities for new suppliers creating public positions, i.e. positions that were not directed to a specific supplier. These public quotations can be searched by the supplier by product line, brands, descriptions, etc. Your company can be found by the buyer - for targeting of a quotation - in accordance with the registration of their supply materials on the Comlink portal. Information such as taxes (IPI, ICMS...), origin of the goods (domestic, imported...), discount, warranty and other options can easily be incorporated into each item in the quotation.

Service Quotations

Effective management solution for services hiring that provides the user with relevant and necessary information for a quick technical analysis – commercial and approval of budgets. Files such as technical drawings can be incorporated by the parties to facilitate the understanding of the services quotation. Information such as taxes, discounts and guarantees, which are filled in materials used, can also easily be reported to their respective manpower. Our tool opens widely the negotiation between the parties through a Technical Trading that can occur, as necessary, until the decision of the parties to finalize the Service Order.

Reverse Auction

Reverse auction works as an auction, but in a reverse manner, being used by buying companies, usually to buy products with large quantities and longer period of supply. Suppliers normally accepts the invitation to bid in advance, which contains the rules with time and requirements of the purchasing company. Once started the auction, suppliers submit their bids through the website, obeying the value suggested as a decrement and, until the end of the event, they will make their bids and view the bids of competitors. At the end, the auction is closed and the title is conferred upon the supplier who placed the last bid. The acquiring company will generate the purchase order, thus formalizing the negotiation with the winner.

Sales Efficiency

Follow-up data that reflect the efficiency of each seller which uses the Comlink portal. Here the Manager can monitor in the desired period the records of quotations, its items and requests, separately, by each seller. This allows a better management of the team, and may direct the focus of sellers to one or another acquiring company, as needed.

Sales Evolution

This screen allows the sales manager to view monthly records with the number of quotations, items quoted and orders generated. Manage the business of your company by means of charts showing both the percentage as the actual number of month-to-month processes and also its evolution by period.

Purchase Order Confirmation

The characteristic of this solution is to follow and bring a formalization of purchase containing the entire business process - unit prices, taxes, payment terms, etc. The final purpose is to ensure that the information is received with practicality and clearly for viewing, verification and response of suppliers.

Customer Response Index

Evolution of negotiations in a given period. This tool enables the manager to identify which buyer groups are quoting with your company and observe if the sales team is attending these quotations in an acceptable percentage.

Restructuring of materials

Cadmat module aims to restructure and standardize the registration of materials available to its customers a database daily updated with technical descriptions of manufacturers, applications, brands and references using the PDM (Descriptive Standardization of Materials). Our system has techniques for identification and coding materials, using the Federal Supply, a form of international standardization,  which prepares all the stock for the fiscal SPED, producing more transparent information for surveillance.

Governance of materials

The governance process that is performed after the reorganization of the registration base, it will maintain the register reorganized during the consultation process on new items and existing ones, and incoming requests for new registrations. This process also ensures the maintenance of changes in records, such as in cases of tax reclassification to a certain NCM.

Integration with the main ERP's in the market.

Security in all processes carried out on the Comlink platform, where all history is recorded and can be consulted at any time.

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Certificação SAP

Comlink Corporate is certified by SAP!

We guarantee the high quality of development in the process of integration to SAP ERP.

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